Monday, 25 July 2011

Cam23 2.0 Week 6, Thing 11: Reflection

What have you learned that's new?

Blogger template change and Twitter display; Lightshot; Pushnote .

What have you enjoyed about '23 things' so far?

The discipline and regularity of getting to grips with at least one new thing a week; the challenge of explaining myself.

Which of the things do you love/hate?

I enjoy the Twitter display on my blog. Like the advanced Twitter search on my homepage, it lets me get a substitute for my Twitter fix at times when I'm too busy to get to Twitter itself.

Which ones will you carry on using?

The Twitter display on my blog carries on happening without further input from me, so I will carry on using it almost literally in my sleep. Lightshot I found useful in explaining a Google wheeze. I learned the basic screenshot trick in the 2010 23things; it was very useful when explaining to geeks in what way I had screwed up some application. My use of it fell off as my inertia and inherently unpictorial nature reasserted themselves. If the same thing happens in my use of Lightshot, which is screenshots + editing, I will have let a very valuable resource go to waste.

Can you incorporate the things you're learning on this programme into your (working) life?

Well, yes. The uses I have described are part of my working life. And I might additionally go back to the instructions for screencasting, which I read but didn't try or blog about, with view to helping users of the Haddon Library blog.

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