Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cam23 2.0: Week 11, extra thing: Visualising data

Look what I've done!

The above is a plan of the room where Clare and I are working. Even as I read the post for this extra thing, I was conscious of how much Gliffy could contribute to an email I was taking a break from. True, on Day 1 of my acquaintance with Gliffy, I didn't use it fluently enough for inclusion in that email -- but the above experiment shows what can be done, and I can make a better diagram with Gliffy than without.

As to Wordle: yes, a splendid displacement activity. When I have got stuck on a document, I paste it into Wordle and gloat over what emerges. Perhaps the email I was working on might be put through Wordle as a consolation for not getting Gliffy?

No, this is not that Lightshot, but was sent to bear witness to that Lightshot. The Lightshot of the email is not for public consumption. What appears here is a wordling of one of my earlier blog posts.