Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cam23 2.0: Week 1, Extra thing: Ways to make your blog beautiful

This Blurtmetry blog was born as coursework for the 2010 round of 23things Cambridge. And now I'm coming back for more.

I will probably confine my own blogging in this 2nd round to the Extra things -- the ones devised partly with us 2010-ers in mind. But I hope to follow every post on the other Cam23 2.0 blogs, and might even venture a comment or two.

In response to this first Extra thing, I have changed the blog template, and added a Twitter widget and a visit-counter widget. I did also add a share-on-Facebook widget, but removed it when I saw that I'd got such a thing already.

Talking of visit-counting, I've noticed that hits on this blog shot up during the three weeks or so after the announcement of Cam23 2.0. Most of them had clicked through to Blurtmetry from the site of the 2010 version, and the numbers dwindled rapidly when the blog for the new round went live. Perhaps, now that I've registered for the new round, the hits will go up again. I hope so.


  1. I like the LibraryThing widget, may have to add one to my blog when I get caught up and do the first Extra Thing!

  2. Thanks. Wow - are you doing the Extra Things as well as the main things and yr share of the scripting?

    The Library Thing widget & the Cam23 badge are results of the first round of Cam23. Any plans for a badge for Cam23 2.0?

  3. I have noticed that the visits to my blog have shot up! I hope that I have one of the 'interesting named' blogs that catch people's attention - you certainly do!

  4. Yes, I think yours is an interestingly-titled blog, Erin - & what's more you've attached the 2011 Cam23 logo. Which might spur me to do the same.

    Blurtmetry as a hobby (explained in the first post of this blog) never caught on, and my family were relieved when I announced in August 2009 that I was abandoning the practice.