Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cam23 2.0: Week 10, thing 18: Reflection

What I have gained from this programme so far

Rejuvenation and extension of the things I learned last year: new widgets to fit to my blog & Twitter feed, knowledge of what one actually does with a Creative Commons licence, tricks for editing screenshots.

Opportunity to measure, and reflect on, my changing way of using Delicious and . My subjective perception had been that I was now using in preference to Delicious. But, after counting posts from equivalent months in 2010 and 2011, I came to see that my ratio of Delicious use to use had been roughly equal in both years, and that my use of both had declined to roughly equal degrees. A valuable corrective, as statistics often are.

The question those figures can't answer by themselves is "Why?" Yes, I know. On that I am still thinking, and maybe I'll find some hypothesis that can have statistics thrown at it.

Which thing I particularly liked or disliked

Oh I did enjoy showing off what I had found about Google Calendar! Almost as much as if I had invented it myself. And demonstrating it with LightShot & all.

Which of the forthcoming things I really can't wait to try

QR codes. I have been using them increasingly at the Haddon, picking up scraps of technique as I go along, and I look forward to reading how to handle them properly.


  1. I'm writing the QR code instruction post, so the pressure's on now! I better make sure it's coherent!

  2. Thanks, Sarah. In fact I am even at this moment gathering together a bundle of recent poems for a magazine submission -- very glad to get such encouragement.

    And thanks, Annie, too. I look forward to getting to grips w. these things!