Sunday, 6 November 2016

Thing 6: Creating new content

The course blog post points us in the direction of Storify, and .

Storify is one I have used already. I have made Storify collections for my musical, political and poetic interests, and indeed one on professional matters.  I have found Storify remarkably user-friendly.  It can't, of course, make amateur compilations look like the work of an experienced web designer, but it makes them presentable.  If I were more given to tweeting from work, I have no doubt that I would be Storifying from work as well. and I have experienced as a reader, and know them mainly by frustrations. has come my way via tweets that seemed interesting, but took an inordinate time to load. has likewise come my way via tweets; the tweets flagged up interesting material, but that material seemed inaccessible to me because I didn't know how to close a tab on my mobile's browser, and indeed thought the browser could have no more than one tab open at a time.

However, writing this post has spurred me to find out how to manage the browser's tabs.  Thus the frustration was not a fault of  And whilst I can't readily see myself finding a use for in any connection, I can say that exploring it has taught me something.

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