Saturday, 23 November 2013

Death loss of eyes/limbs

This is a song that I've been singing at times of moderate distress -- glumph and peeviour level -- since 1982.  Its starting point is a line from an insurance policy, which became a surrogate oath of mine.  The song lyrics achieved publication of a sort recently, in that I posted them in the course of a Twitter exchange with Phil Lucas.  I was delighted to find that a single tweet would encompass the whole lot.


Death loss of eyes/limbs, face and hands
Sellotape glue elastic bands.
Heartbreak and shattered memory
coffee tea smiles and sympathy

Oh and here's the tune.  

The closest affinity of this sort of thing is with the wilfully vacuous ditties from Monty Python, though I admit that the Python specimens are funnier.  Unlike the blurts, 'Death loss of eyes/limbs' did not go into hibernation during a time of acute anxiety over a work project.

Uploading the tune, by the way, was my first experiment with uploading a video to the blog, but what you see is several experiments later.  I made the mistake of using Freemake to reduce the video to an uploadable size.  I quickly found, after downloading Freemake, that I had lost control of Firefox, in frequent crashes and unexpected links.  Freemake appears to be every bit as bad as described at Keep Browser Safe, and removing traces of it is a protracted business.  Avoid.  Or sing 'Death loss of eyes/limbs' over it.


  1. Gosh, Aidan, you really are madder than I thought.....we wouldn't have you any other way: keep up the good work.

  2. Death Loss of eyes/limbs, face and hands
    Police Fire Ambulance X-rays scans

    Heartbreak and shattered memory,
    Red wine, chocolate, new trajectory.

  3. Only just noticed this. It's certainly more positive than the new stanza that suggested itself to me:
    Images of taphonomy,
    what a thing to show on TV.