Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What darkness can do

This is a new poem, written for the Paragram Poetry Competition.  In 2013, this competition took as its theme the Emily Dickinson quotation "a slant of light".

Follow the links for the competition shortlist, which my poem just missed, and the winners

The poem describes something I remember from childhood, but my brother Hugh says he has no recollection of it.


Aged six and five, we struggled to ignore
the shape at night light up the cupboard door,
upright with overhang. Then having seen it,
and dared to speak of it, we dared demean it,
called it the Rude Ghost's House, defying fright.
In fact it was all curtain and street light.
I can recall no learning of that, no
relief in finding it a shadow show,
but till I came to be indifferent,
seeing the light I would dislike, resent.

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